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Kansas City Automotive Locksmith provides 24/7 full car locksmith services in Kansas City and surrounding areas. We are specializing in replacement car keys, programming chip keys and fix, replace and re key automotive locks; door lock, trunk lock and ignition switch. 
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  • Lost Car Keys Replaced
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Our Goal is to get customers in our business over and over again and build a base of repeat customers to our business. We believe that the key to growing a healthy business is to have a base of repeat customers providing a steady stream of revenues.
We keep working everyday making sure our services meet or exceed our customer’s expectation, we know that a base of repeat customers is based on creating a relationship with customers by providing personal attention, availability, fast response, deal with complaints, being helpful even if there is no immediate profit in it and make an extra effort to provide you with the best solutions or suggestions for any car locksmith issues, provide you with a high quality automotive locksmith services in Kansas City.

Our Team will provide you with superior service, competitive pricing and the professionalism you deserve with any automotive lock and key service you require, whether an emergency auto lockout or a new car key made.
Our team consists of the most professional workers who will show the most respect for your time and your properties. 
We have many years of combined locksmith experience, we are specially trained our employees to provide the highest quality locksmith services at the best value possible with a professional and friendly attitude each and every time.
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We Make Keys For Cars On Site Fast. Keys For All Types of Vehicles. We Cut and Program Chip Keys On site and Have Them in Stock. 24/7 Mobile Service
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We Replace Remote Head Keys For Cars. We Cut and Program Car Remote Head Keys Onsite and Have Them in Stock. 
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We Carry Car Remotes For Most Models and Able to Program Car Remotes Onsite Fast and Have Them in Stock. Services Are Available at Our Shop by Appointment. We Are Open 24 Hours For Emergency Mobile Services.
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The loss of a car key is something that frequently occurs due to misplacement and mishandling. A more than a real problem in the loss is that access to your car is denied you are pending when you will reach your spare key or get a replacement. If your car key is lost in a place where it will be easy for you to reach your spare key, then you ought to be patient and go for the spare without trying to compromise the car lock. But if your car key is lost in a place where you will not easily be able to reach your spare key then immediately go for car key replacement. 
With the right car locksmiths, car key replacement is an easy task to perform using the right set of information on the car. It is not always advisable to try to force or pick your car lock as this may compromise the lock and incur more in fixing car lock and replacing the key. Anytime you are challenged with the loss of your car key; then it will be very beneficial to contact Automotive Locksmith Kansas City for your car keys will be replaced immediately. 
Automotive Locksmith Kansas City is a company committed to bringing you a satisfying and timely service whenever you have the misfortune of a car key loss. We ensure that you are attended to without leaving you to feel the distress of being locked out of your car for a long time. This is one of the attributes of Kansas City Automotive Locksmith, that is reaching you in the shortest possible time anywhere you may find yourself while providing the solution to your car key and car lock problem.
We offer car key replacement for any car, from the car keys of your early cars like the ones made in the 90's to the modern cars of the 21st century. We also specialise in replacing the modern car keys which are mostly electronic car keys using transponders. In this regard, all that is needed is a piece of specific information regarding your car which entails details regarding the make, model and version of the car as well as certain serial number information. This car information allows for making or finding a key and programming the key to fit and open the lock of your car. 
Automotive Locksmith Kansas City offers you all the services of car locksmith at a very low and affordable price at your convenience. Our technicians are well trained and disciplined to work with you while providing you with the best of services to serve your interest. We also maintain a friendly relationship with all our clients which promotes giving and receiving of services. Contact us for assured assistance concerning all your car key replacement for we are committed to seeing your car key problem surmounted without delay. 
As there are more than normal security breaches in this present age and as technology advances, to put in check all the sabotage in the security of cars, residential and commercial buildings and other structures for specific purposes, different kinds of sophisticated keys and locks have been invented. One good news is that these keys and locks are performing up to expectations which have put them in high demand all over the world today. Such sophisticated keys include but not limited to smart keys, high-security keys and laser keys which are among the top sophisticated keys.


  • Smart Keys
Smart keys are electronic gadgets that are used in accessing and authorization of a system of machines. The smart key is mostly seen and used in cars. The key sends signals using one of several antennas in the car's framework through a radio pulse generator lodged in the key case. Depending on the system, the lock of the machine or vehicle is automatically unlocked when a button or sensor on the door handle or trunk release is pressed. The use of a smart key system does not render a mechanical backup useless. The mechanical lock and key systems are usually in the form of a spare key blade supplied with the vehicle.
  • Hight Security Keys
High-security keys have a good number of benefits over ordinary keys. These high-security keys enhance the security of your cars, buildings and other systems that have locks. One of the benefits is that only authorized holders can get a replacement key when the key is lost or damaged. This controls the creation of keys, duplication and distribution of a key for a lock which invariably makes the structure secured with asking safer lock.
  • Laser Keys
Laser keys or laser cut keys are that add to the security of your car. These keys are very hard to pick and very difficult to duplicate without the right information on the type of car and key from the manufacturers. Laser keys have a high precision cutting as well as groves running in the middle of the key which increase the security of your lock. Another extra security plan in the laser key is the inclusion of chips and transponders which do not let the lock open or start when the transponders not at a specified distance from the lock. 
With these specifications and sophistication, the keys, viz smart keys, high-security keys and laser keys, are very different from ordinary keys while also giving a kind of security that is very high and almost guaranteed. These types of keys can only be repaired, replaced and duplicated by a competent locksmith with sophisticated tools and equipment that allow for such precision. 
The services of a car locksmith are often priced high and valued whenever there is a case of car lock damage or key damage. It is your car locksmith that maintains the security offered by your car through quality and extensive repair. It is the car locksmith that replaces and duplicates your keys when you have a critical loss or when the lock becomes faulty like being unable to accept the keys especially in a car that uses an automatic lock and key system.
To guarantee the security of your car, you need, above all, a locksmith who you can trust while also having the quality of being reliable. This is imperative because if you have a dubious locksmith do the job for you, with the information used to duplicate and replace your keys your locksmith may use it to become your nightmare. How is this possible? After repairing or maintaining your lock, it is easiest for a locksmith to bypass or manoeuvre your lock system because he has every information on how the lock works and can as well duplicate your keys indiscreetly.
Because the security of your car depends immensely on the quality and functions of the lock and key system installed in it. As a measure to maintain this security, anytime you are faced with any lock and key problem ensure to seek the services of a locksmith that offers the best quality. A car locksmith that is recognised and licensed while also being trustworthy to give you an ease of mind knowing that your car is very much secured. This is where you will need a locksmith company like Automotive Locksmith, Kansas City, that is committed to what they do while dishing out a quality service that keeps your mind at peace and your lock and key in good condition.
We give you a service with all car lock and key related problems using a set of modern tech and sophisticated tools and equipment which keep your car locks and keys working in perfect condition. In a bid to serve you better, we keep you from all delays by responding to your call for help within the hour to keep frustration at bay from you. You can also access our services any time of the day because your welfare is our concern. 
You can contact us anywhere you are for your car lock and key system related issues, and we will dispatch a team of highly skilled locksmiths to surmount your car key problems immediately without any delay. Our services are readily affordable for all our clients as we are committed to giving you a service that is second to none. With Automotive Locksmith, Kansas City, you are assured of the security of your car as we have got your car lock and key system covered. 
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